Ask Yourself This:


  • Did you or someone you love receive a new diagnosis?
  • Do you want to improve finances, relationships or launch a new career?
  • Are you yearning for a different life, yet wonder how to get there? 

Surprising Answers:


  • Your Soul may be trying to get your attention.
  • No matter the issue, there are often unconscious patterns unraveling.
  • Discovering your Soul’s Code can mean a miraculous shift in consciousness, with a blueprint for your freedom. 


Transformation occurs on the subtlest of levels and sometimes in dramatic ways. Often painful experiences will jolt you from complacency to action. If you feel a stirring in any area of your life, we can guide you with a wealth of holistic resources. Here at Soul Code Coaching, you will learn the hidden aspects behind whatever challenge you may be experiencing. You can discover a treasure map to a peaceful, happier life, already in your destiny. 

Soul Code Coaching has over three decades of experience in the personal transformation field. Kesha is masterful in targeting and releasing issues many people are blocked by. If you or a loved one desire quality assistance in navigating your life to higher ground, contact us. Your empowerment & well being is priceless. We’re happy to guide you through your journey with soulful attention.  

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Kesha’s journey in healing from breast cancer awakened her soul. Let her inspire you to live from more fully and freely from your soul’s yearning…