“Reality is safe and sure, and wholly kind to everyone and everything. There is no greater love than to accept this and be glad. For love asks only that you be happy, and will give you everything that makes for happiness.”  ACIM, Ch. 16, section 2.8

Often in this world, our minds are pulled, enticed, or nearly forced into all kinds of decisions. Some we may not like. A sense of urgency to act, often accompanied by investing precious resources of money and time demand our attention. This constant barrage of stimulation can wreak havoc on our nervous systems unless we develop habits of self-regulation.  

When not feeling centered, grounded, or at peace, it’s a signal to slow way down and reconnect with Reality. That’s the value of meditation and the consistent guidance set forth in A Course in Miracles. It gives us a roadmap to the Real-world, the one that exists right along with the one appearing to change every second of our waking lives. 

When you pay attention to the impact the Course teaches- and it’s taught in many forms- you receive nourishment for your soul. No one reading these words would argue the fact that leaning into ideas of love and happiness could bring healing. But how does meditation, breathwork, and the words set forth from clear channels, like A Course in Miracles, really change our experience of the world? 

This new decade of 2020 has shifted and continues to shift our common ground. Everything we used to rely on and take for granted seems to be swirling out of control. From COVID to racial tensions, fires, floods, earthquakes, loss of work, homes, and the simple freedom to move about. We’ve all been compromised at least or perhaps devastated by situations beyond our control.


There must be a better way. These are words that Helen Schucman spoke with Bill Thetford that began the journey with her channeling Christ Consciousness and A Course in Miraclesresulted. And like Helen, we each can access to our Inner Being. Spirit will listen to our requests and meditation opens the door to receive that better way. 

We cannot do much about what’s manifested- that’s old news. But we can accept how we feel and allow ourselves to go to a better feeling thought. This is our inner work and spiritual responsibility. So many teachings, from the ancient philosophies of yoga, the Tao, and tribal traditions, for example, speak to these better ways and enhance our human experience. 

When we cannot gather in the community, we can do something about directing our minds. Do you do that? The value of a daily practice, caring about how you feel, and extending this care to those around you, will change the course of history. The truth is we can connect with our Source anytime, as soon as we’re willing to see this differently. Whatever this is. 

Every moment provides an opportunity to begin anew; every breath is a fresh slate. If you find yourself racing ahead in anticipation or dragging your past ideas of unworthiness and so forth with you, choose again. Life loves you! Meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths to self soothe, connecting in with your heart, and asking your Spirit for a better way.

This allows for the opening to the Reality of Love. When you learn and practice mindfulness with your breath, more and more of your moments will peaceful, loving, and true because you are directly connecting your attention with intention to well being. God, the Source of Love, is with you always and can ease the experience of feeling separated or disconnected.  



The value of sleep is that it stops all momentum of anything going on in the outside world. If you wake to feel restless or disturbed in any way, you can be sure, you’re picking up on the past and something needs to be forgiven. It’s the only way to direct yourself into healing and wholeness. The universe wants your happiness. It’s conspiring for your good.  

In the subtlest hours of waking, before the noise of the world amplifies, you can breathe into the presence of God. These early first moments can set the tone for your day. Perhaps you’re recalling a dream. How do you feel? If it’s something unwanted, ask for a better feeling thought. What can you appreciate? This is how you begin a new vibration.

The fertile time between the worlds of dreaming and waking, when your brain is not fully awake, you’re vibrating in alpha states. It’s when you’re most suggestible and open to your inner Reality. If you notice you’re carrying over thoughts of yesterday: concerns, worry, aches, longing, perhaps a sense of drudgery or dread, you can shift this. Time to call your energy back! Reality is assured.  

You could consider the many loves in your life… perhaps a partner or family member, friends or teachers. Many beings on this planet and in other dimensions continue their steadfast outpouring of love for you. This is your time to connect with the mystical nature of the dreaming mind. Maybe your first thoughts of gratitude include something as simple ‘this bed feels cozy and warm.’ 

It’s a practice to discern those first waking moments and turn onto love. Will you allow yourself to feel encouraged as you tune your awareness to become conscious of something you’re grateful for? Love, peace, simplicity are all around you. You’re swimming in the primordial soup of a loving universe, and accepting this Reality will brighten our world. 


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