“As you perceive the holy companions who travel with you, you will realize that there is no journey, but only an awakening.” A Course in Miracles, Ch. 13:1.7

Let’s start with gratitude. I cannot imagine life without you… without connection and community. You’re part of a collective group of souls, holy companions, who decide to read these words. Thank you for this. I take great pride in knowing we are not alone on this temporal journey. Even if you have never heard of me, we are part of a great awakening.

No one can doubt the significance of what we’re going through as a humanity over this past year. With the covid crisis in evolution, political unrest, environmental issues and yes I could go on, we’re learning how to relate to each other differently. You may feel isolated behind your mask or computer screen. You might be going through your own personal health, financial or relationship crisis. Someone close to you could be in need of healing, or perhaps departed from your life.

Whatever you might be experiencing personally, our culture seems to be speeding up and breaking apart too. We’ve called this in, perhaps so we could slow way down. Rebuild. Some say this is a gift of covid, allowing us some incubation time. If more demands on your life are required, adopting better navigation skills like meditation, time management and nourishing activity will help. Changes that we never dreamed possible are expected and our ability to adapt might seem stretched beyond belief.  



These necessary losses become as fertilizer for the soul’s greater journey. At the same time, our experiences require that we become strong holds for each other. It also means we need to be strong enough to let our guard down and admit what we do not know. Then we open the door for miracles. The breakdown or breaking apart is needed before something new can emerge. Some things need to die off, like the snake shedding it’s skin, we too must let go of what we once clung to.

Just as our culture seems to be shattering, and perhaps our personal lives, something new is being born. Whatever appears on the screen of consciousness mimics something we’re carrying inside. Prayer and meditation help to soothe the waters of the soul and can bring us to a place of acceptance. One of our teachers, Michael Mirdad shares that “prayer is talking to God, where meditation is listening.” We need both as spiritual beings. The ability to surrender our agenda creates an opening for inspiration.

I’m comforted that you’re part of conscious community, getting needed support for the massive changes we’re learning to adapt to. When deciding to pay attention to your spiritual growth, practicing principles in A Course in Miracles and other dedicated soul centered teachings, you strengthen the web of life we’re connected to. We strengthen each other with our personal commitment to sovereignty.



Whether you have a significant other in our life or not, the Course teaches us all our relationships are meant to be holy. Even though our relations start out as special, with special interests or roles, eventually we recognize this holy light is within everyone. When an upset occurs, we learn to surrender into God sooner. We learn that another’s interest is our own. Another’s happiness is our own happiness. And we are here to make happy.

This means we get to consider sovereignty towards each person in our lives. Everyone we know or think about are the children of God. These are our holy companions, fellow travelers on the journey of life. You are that for us. We intend to be this for you and we need one another to continually remind ourselves of the truth.

When Joe and I first got together, he shared these principles with me. Now, going on 24 years later, we still remind each other. When one of us goes insane by forgetting or attacking or getting upset in anyway, the other will strive to stay centered. We act as a stronghold, instead of reacting or blaming. When each takes responsibility for the self, the return to love and holiness happens faster. The barometer of success is our how quickly we return or keep our peace. 

In awakening with one another, we appreciate the unique pattern each person contributes. The One that we are, shines in a myriad of ways. We come into existence with attributes to develop and contribute to this dream of life. This is how we awaken: by recognizing the endless love behind all existence. And learning how to live it in the precious moments we get to share. Thank you for joining this dream of awakening. 

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