“We have already learned that everyone teaches, and teaches all the time. You may have taught well, and yet you may not have learned how to accept the comfort of your teaching….You may have taught freedom, but you have not learned how to how to be free.” A Course In Miracles, Ch. 16, Section 3#1-2 

So much learning these days. Seems we are all going through massive change and juggling projects as well as personal challenges. And underneath these masks (that seem to be disappearing after a year of covid), so much stirs in our inner world. Seeking stillness and communion with Spirit can be part of the solution for our lives as we learn to accept the comfort of our inner teacher. 

We’re living in auspicious times, times foretold generations ago by many names: The Age of Aquarius, the end times (always followed by a new beginning), The Golden Age, Kali Yuga (Hindu for the times of darkness and light), The Mayan calendar ending in 2012… birthing a new era. By whatever means we call these shifts, most can agree that we are changing fast as a humanity.

The movement towards global integration and heightened interest in spirituality, ecology and new models for the future are appearing on the screen of consciousness. The evidence of changes are all around us, gathered and spread by light speed throughout the globe. Birthing pains may seem necessary as we experience changing form, but the degree of the hardship can be lessened.

We can adjust more easily when accepting the premise of a loving universe. This is guaranteed and inevitable according to A Course in Miracles (and many other Truth teachings); only the time we take to awaken is up to us. The premise of a loving or hostile universe will guide our decisions and we have the power to choose. Through acceptance of love, again and again, we free ourselves and one another.  



Even when current programming suggests we socially isolate, we’re all in this together. And maybe that’s the point of what we’ve asked for in the collective unconscious. As souls, according to the teachings of Abraham, we’ve decided to come into a world of contrast. This launches new desires for something better. Whenever you decide to work on yourself, to accept the support of a friendly universe, or to improve a situation, you contribute to the well being of the whole. 

You are essential in God’s plan for salvation. If those words feel too religious, another way to say this is be part of the solution. Salvation means freedom, peace, joy and anything else that gives comfort to the soul. When you remember your loving Source and affirm how it’s inside everyone, you see how well the world works. So much occurs for our good without having to consciously attend to it. We can simply acknowledge and be glad.  

When we forgive patterns and conditions, projections, guilts and shames and anything that seems outside of our control, we heal. And that’s how you become part of the solution. Healing is making whole. In Truth we are already whole and healed but often forget when we dreamed of separating. When we believed we could be private or secretive in our thoughts and behaviors, we divided. This may seem to continue for awhile, until we choose again.

The mad idea of separation is what we’re healing as we upgrade our thinking and consciousness with love and cooperation. Loving and forgiving our own hearts first; then extending it forth with everyone in our lives. We’re here to make happy by leaning into love more of the time. In learning this, we come closer to true freedom. We unbind, loosen and release conditions or standards that no longer serve. 



In the months going forward, taking these words to heart. Not sure what the future holds, yet envisioning greater freedom in following daily guidance. Realizing that after nearly five years of steady sharing here, new movement is occurring in life. Not only in my life, but for you and all of us. Will be pursuing Spirit’s lead more closely; whether or not I write monthly here. Trusting you will keep close to your inner guidance as well.   

Of course if you’ve read this far, you’ll know how to reach out through the website, phone number or other social media. I dearly appreciate your readership, comments and connection over the years. Trusting we’re all in pursuit of sovereignty and we’re doing just fine. We’re grounding a new heaven on earth. The change is upon us. Keep your vision alive with God and your joy extending. 

If you want a more personal connection, please connect. Still delight in hearing from you whether in Sedona, where we host regularly, Wisconsin or wherever we may meet. You’re part of the solution for healing the One Mind we share. When you practice love on all levels freedom reigns. Leaning in to accept the great comforter and opening to your next inspiration becomes your greatest gift to the world. Aloha. 





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