“Nothing is ever lost but time, which in the end is meaningless. For it is a little hindrance to eternity, quite meaningless to the real Teacher of the world… Nothing you undertake with certain purpose and high resolve and happy confidence, holding one another’s hand and keeping step to Heaven’s song, is difficult to do.” ACIM, Ch. 26, Section 5.2

Calling on healers, light workers, students and teachers, artists, mystics and those of you willing to listen deeply to your inner teacher. You’re my tribe; we are a global community coming together. An incredible force for good, the holy and true. We’re blessed beyond measure and open to exploring how to relate and co-create a better world. Your light matters. 

We’re all evolving. This is the good news as we make our way back to remembering who we are. Even the quote above reflects how I read this beautiful book, A Course in Miracles. Working towards gender neutrality and breaking up language patterns that seem to divide. In going forward, desiring to include references of the Divine Feminine while also embracing the Divine Masculine aspects of God.

This Course remains a grounding for my daily practice and thought you may appreciate these teachings from a more inclusive perspective. Grant it, at the level of the ONE, there can be no division or separation or even the idea of bodies. Time and appearances are not the real world. Perception doesn’t even exist, yet while here for awhile, we still believe in separateness and the arbitrary constructs of time. 



Frequencies are changing, hearts are opening and wondering if you’re noticing the good that’s anchoring. What are you paying attending to? How are you diving in and learning to ride the wave of change upon us all? Do you stay present and in love with whatever seems to be happening? When you forgive faster, laugh more, and take care of yourself by caring how you feel, then this massive global shift lightness up. Taking self inventory of what’s working and what needs to be cut away will make your ride easier. 

We’re here to ground and master the idea of heaven on earth. When you activate the qualities of love, peace, joy, and abundance then heaven gets a little closer. In truth, time is already over because it never happened, but for our insane idea that we could separate from all that is. And IF you embrace this, then you already know you’re whole and perfect and your safety is guaranteed by God and Goddess. Let’s claim this. Let’s live this… more and more see the evidence of how your thoughts and feelings are creating a new world.

When we pay attention, monitoring our thoughts and disciplining our minds to what we want to see, we come closer to home. Closer to these ideas of co-creating heaven on earth. A Course in Miracles says we are far too undisciplined, allowing out thoughts to wander or dwell in hell with our grievances. If we want to see a world uplifted, we must forgive everything that seems otherwise and as consciousness teacher Michael Mirdad says, “Love the hell out of it.”

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