Dark seeks the light to claim for its own

for light carries magic upon the high throne.

Yet light burns thru darkness, melting the night

quelling the motives to blacken the white.

Still in each soul there lives darkness & light

in my spirit, I know the same.

Temptation and ecstasy, pleasure and pain

Bondage to emptiness, of this do I gain?

Slip, slip I into the either of time

like a candle ever fading from what I call mine.

Released from this body, now free am I

to travel the rainbow arch through the sky…

to worlds beyond from lifetimes ago

I scan the great heavens above and below

searching the distance between all who live

who are gathering rings of power to give.

In service they heed the circle of light

Children of mystery who come from the night.

The stories they tell are never the same and

vast seem their secrets in this clear cosmic game.

Dancing out rhythms of tales of rebirth

Return we, each other, sharing light with the earth.

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