And the day will then dawn, it won’t be too long
When serpents will rise thru the mist in the skies
Winged horses will care, bright light will they bear
Through the smoke they will fly for the fire won’t die

Deep in the maze, they’ll move through the haze
To the womb of below where the wise trees grow
They’ll touch every life with a crystal edged knife
That shines through their eyes, a liquid disguise

That touches your soul and reminds you to go
Which is part of their plan, to carry you again
To islands of wonder where there you will plunder
An ancient tunnel which takes you under

Where the ribbons swim and the light is so dim
That you feel for a rock, like your heart, it’s a clock
Pulsing with rhythms of far away time…

Then the colors gleam bright, those banners of night
Stream from within and you know you’re akin
To the power in the crown, they’ve brought so far down
Yes your Earthbound, waiting, still waiting for dawn.

(Author’s Note: This poem came in a dream where someone chased me on a beach. I turned to see a woman with long flowing hair. We shared a lucid moment of kinship and she handed me a manuscript. I tried to read it in the wavering light as
wind and clouds swirled around us. I woke to capture only a fraction of its pages.)


Kesha Engel
January 17, 2017

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