Every loving thought held in any part of the Sonship belongs to every part. It is shared because it is loving.” ACIM-Ch.5 #4.3 JANUARY 2018

In this New Year- What motivates you?

It’s a great time of year to review, release and reinvent yourself. By now,  you’re likely involved in new projects or at least dreaming of the year ahead. Perhaps you’ve outlined goals or started an exercise program. If you’re not moving in the direction of your dreams, perhaps a little more TLC  is called for as you let some things go to make room for what’s next.

Diving into meditation practice and reprioritizing what’s most important are shifts you may want to incorporate. It helps to make greater friends with the Divine Teacher within. So yummy. Laughing faster, witnessing beauty, practicing kindness are ways to measure your progress. If I sound a little preachy, forgive me. Just trying to teach myself…

Every loving thought is shared.

Since every loving thought is shared, choosing love as your MO automatically brightens you & those around you. It’s nourishing. 

We hope you’re paying attention to how love shows up in your life. Wishing you a hefty dose of daily laughter as well! Health & prosperity follow. When frustrations pop up-or things don’t go as planned, laughter may be the  easiest way to break the trance of upset and set you on the path to forgiveness. Are you witnessing your innocence and the call for love?  

We live in a world of dreams. The Course tells us over and again- we’re here to make happy ones- as long as we’re still dreaming of a bodily life. Believing we are egos with separate thoughts and separate dreams leads to disconnection and discontent. There’s another road – a loving one. We hope you’re following Spirit’s Lead. Meditation can be a powerful nectar to help you make a loving shift. 

What would love do now?

We lead each other home. When you rely on the voice of your Inner Teacher, Love becomes your guide. This is what the Course aims to teach and what we most desire. If you’ve made it this far, you probably know you’re part of the collective Awakening. We can’t go anywhere without you. (and ya- that means you’re stuck with us too!) 


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