“The mind that accepts attack cannot love…Your ability to direct your thinking as you choose is part of its power.” ACIM-Ch.7, Sec. 6.2

Things are changing for all of us and yet one thing remains the same. No matter what seems to be happening in our world, the constancy of Spirit can be relied upon. Letting love lead to new frequencies will assist your spirit in releasing attack thoughts and in simply feeling good.

The ego may welcome change or it might want to hang on to some familiar pattern. It may try to fight to control a situation when all else feels lost. Or it can find temporary release, perhaps fleeting happiness in some wanted outcome. The scope of thoughts and feelings result from judgements and practiced beliefs. As humans, we’re capable of experiencing a wide range. Where do you direct your thinking?

When something is or isn’t working the way you want it to, how do you respond? Most of us go through ups and downs daily, but we’re built with the capacity to steady our alignment with source energy. This is the value of breathwork and meditation. In so doing, we loosen the grip of unwanted reactivity patterns, and come closer to witnessing without projection. In this way, we are letting love lead.  

The winds of change continue to stir and keeping up with what’s occurring can feel exciting, daunting or even impossible. We are the choosers. One way or another, it’s up to us to work with a forgiving heart, if we want to feel better. We can disengage our reactivity to whatever seems to be happening and come to the kingdom of God. As a result of directing our thinking, we flourish. 

A way to know you’re on track with this, is the experience of a loving mind and feelings of peace and joy. These are attributes of Spirt. Our thinking and  decisions makes this so. Forgiveness paves the way. The result of releasing attack thoughts, brings the experience of our natural state. We become more loving, joyful and free. 



These feelings are how we upgrade to new frequencies in our collective dreaming mind. I’m so grateful we are choosing to be alive at this most auspicious time in history. When choosing of love, we access the inner Christ, who only wants our happiness. We can slow down, breathe in the power of now and enjoy the ride. We become part of the wave of a “love revolution” as spiritual teacher Matt Kahn suggests.

By loving our own hearts and caring about how we feel, we lead our lives with love, compassion, humor and friendliness. This can extend far beyond our sense of grievances and injustice if we so choose. Thankfully, we’re not alone in this upgrade. We share in the One ever loving mind who allows life to be. Imagine that when you lead your life with love, you open to the freedom you so desire to feel. 

It takes some training to continue to monitor your mind for attack thoughts, and dissolve them in the light of forgiveness. When we talk about upgrading to new frequencies or the idea of the second coming or the ascension process, we’re simply deciding to choose love over fear. This is a moment to moment, breath by breath practice.  



Thought leaders such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and others connected to the Heart Math Institute are proving the power of mind and heart by measuring coherence. In essence, they are discovering energetic frequencies that provides evidence of what ancient spiritual teachings of indigenous  peoples have always known. The science of yoga teaches the power of breath and alignment. This results in the groundwork for well being. We’re learning that thoughts have an electrical charge and feelings are magnetic. 

The power of the mind and intention, when congruent and activated, produces a measurable charge. When this matches the congruent power of love, felt in the heart, a magnetism results. With heart and mind united, we can access to the power of now, and the power of the universe is behind you. You are the master of your destiny and this is linked with everyone else.   

The course promises we are far more powerful than we know. Yet this power is a co-creation with God and imprinted in the human soul. We are capable of miracles; it’s natural to us. Jesus, our brother, known for his miraculous power, promises we can do what he did and so much more. He was, in my humble opinion, an energy master. He knew for example, when a woman reached for his robe. By her faith she was healed. This story shows me that he felt her belief, without needed to see it- as he was master of the energy field around him.

It is through this alignment, we can access this gift at anytime. We can learn to enter the field beyond the body and feel the energy of coherence. There are beings, angels and frequencies of love and light that walk among us. They’re unseen to the naked eye, yet we can measure frequencies now. It may be only a matter of adjusting our practiced thoughts that will lead to empowering beliefs. We are the miracle  workers, the light bearers, the lovers this planet deserves. Thank you for letting love lead.

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