Their presence feels more like a gift
They come to help me see the shift.
Light beings, so soft I can hardly perceive
A glow that invites me to believe.

Come home, they beckon, to the truth of your soul
We’re with you always where ever you go.
Guardians, angels, beings of light
Legions of lovers who beckon delight.

There’s nothing on Earth you need to fear
For if ever threatened of what you hold dear
Just call on us- we’re a radiant shield
Loving you madly within your field.

Reminding you gently all is well
You need not stay inside your hell.
We’re a web of light you can always trust
When you remember to think of us.

We’ve never left you or any you love
All your relations beyond and above
Any you think of are included in this
For love travels instantly & we never miss

Any illusion of division or wrong
We’re here to help you remember your song
A forest of friendship- a mountain so high
And all your beloveds who come from the sky.

We surround you with unending power
So you remember what you’re here to flower.
Accept our love and make it your own
This is the feeling of what you call home.

You’re always expanding, eternally safe
And free to explore your human race.
We’ll hold you up if ever you fail
to recall we’re here beyond the veil.

Inside your heart, hear our whisper
and never forsake your brother or sister.
Your fears are nothing in the world of form
We’re here to help you birth a new norm.


Kesha Engel
July 31, 2017

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