Give yourself up to the mystery of nerve-tingling light. Let the stars swirl within you, giving you confidence that your life and dreams ignite hope to humanity. Let your love shine forth, burning away any fears or resistance. Live your life simply,  magically, and so inspire peace on the planet. Your willingness to relax and be present in your daily work will help transform the horizons of tomorrow.

You’re capable of raising the energy of love by simply being true to yourself. This will empower all form to transform with your desire. Trust the obvious in all your decisions by tuning into your heart. You’re breaking into new worlds and codes of
understanding. You’re part of the great spinning circle of the universe. What you design in your earthly plane will ripple out, transform and heal many realms.

Universes expand and universes contract at every waking moment according to the thought forms you generate. When you grow and awaken love, you evoke a positive rippling effect within the eons of time. Love is a very real and powerful force. When directed with wisdom, it is the healing of the universe. You are inseparable from this. Breathe into the very truth of your being and you will remember your connection.

Your very life can mimic the angelic spheres. Know your power to create this and act accordingly. These are gifts for you to impart and release into the universe. Give yourself up to the pleasure of living in simplicity as it will affect the very vibrational
field of your blessed earth.

You are a carrier of light and this literally pulses through your being when you consciously monitor your thoughts. By aligning with right desire and loving intent, you join the highest energies of the cosmos. This collectively shifts the biosphere, allowing the manifestation for healing all relationships. These lessons of love are necessary for the optimal health and growth of humanity. Indeed they are the soul purpose for your time on earth.

Allow yourself the sacredness of discovering who you are in the process of healing. Seek with integrity and love in your heart. Forgive yourselves endlessly when you believe you are faltering. When you follow these principles, you affect layers of unhealthy patterns in the aura of the earth. It will break up chaotic and destructive tendencies, thereby building new bridges within the cosmos.

All apparent contradictions exist within you. True peace means recognizing the conflict within yourself and forgiving the part you play. It means integrating the splits you perceive in your ever-expanding concept of Self. Your being has created this
miracle to join in the experience of creation with others. Make it a beautiful dream, breathing peace now.

Kesha Engel
January 31, 2017

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