Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time? Yet that is what time is for; to learn just that and nothing more… When this has happened, you will no longer need a teacher or time in which to learn.  ACIM- Ch. 15, Section 1 

We recently attended a meditation workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza, who instructs us to practice the principle of “no time- no where- no body.” Admittedly, we’ve experienced many teachers in this realm of time, all aiming at the goal of timelessness. When we enter the field of “no-time and no-thing”, we become more conscious of our being without being attached to troubling thoughts.

Ideally, this is where our minds join the quantum field and we are wide open for inspiration and imprint. All things are possible in the benevolent field of Love. Abraham, a wise council of beings channeled through Ester Hicks, says this would be a step five moment… when we are so practiced in accepting contrast, realizing our preferences without attachment to the outcome, that no matter what seems to be happening, we feel equilibrium.

In other words, no cares, worries or anxieties and feeling a sense of calm all the time. A field of balance and blessings. Remember. There is no world outside our minds. You’ve heard it said before, directly from A Course in Miracles

Imagine, you’ve got no need for teachers or time when you master the dream of life. You will merely step aside, leave the body behind and join the eternal, ever lasting holy instant of peace. The Course says we are not the body, though as humans we’ve become identified with the body, mistaking it for who we truly are. We are free, sovereign and inseparable from the consciousness we’ve conceived- with God and Goddess.

We need not fear the dissolution of the body, since all things in time appear to change. An acorn grows into a mighty oak tree and sheds many more acorns in it’s passage here. Pure potentiality in every seed, yet not every seed takes root. Many circumstances need to come together for the full expression of life. And as long as we desire time, we will experience the effects of ever changing appearances. 


As we’re experiencing this era of the pandemic, re-emerging from our cocoons, it seems necessary to test our wings before riding the currents of change upon us. Our nervous systems have had a chance to restore and balance the frenetic activity of an over-stimulated world. Hopefully, we’re learning to balance the needs of our daily existence with the relationship we have with the earth and one another. We’re given the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and co-create our world. 

Yet if we say we want the peace of God and really mean it, the world would disappear. This is our cosmic dance and need not be frightening. Gary Renard, a Course student, wrote an engaging story in his book: The Disappearance of the Universe. Many of you have probably heard of it if not read it already. It’s a way to explain how our thought systems, indeed any appearance of form, are simply symbols that we’ve yet to forgive. Still life continues, as long as we collectively desire complexity. This is the conundrum in the world of time.

The only reality is Love and in the world of dreams it takes many forms; numerous learning opportunities present themselves for our healing and spiritual maturity. Forgiveness becomes the precursor for wisdom and makes this path here, while we’re still in the body, not only bearable, but delightful. We’re given the opportunity to extend the love of the Divine and will learn this as we wake up together. All the layers of undoing, examining, unhooking from patterns both familial and societal are set free when we practice forgiveness.

When you take a few moments daily to connect with your inner guidance, the stillness underneath the noise of the world, you contribute to healing. Ideas of separation, sickness, pain, disturbances and fear, become less apparent. Every act of love provides maximal benefit not only for you, but for anyone open to receive. Your happiness flashes throughout the universe, providing sparks of inspiration everywhere. An electric current goes out in waves and the frequency of love becomes never-ending. 

As my adopted Indian grandmother, Keewaydinoquay, often said, “Blessings and balance, balance and blessings, for from balance, comes all blessings.” When we integrate these teachings into our own being, we experience peace and the need for time is free to disappear. It’s how we awaken to the eternal now


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