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Your program will be tailored to your needs based on your FREE consultation. What are you going to do if you don’t reach out and make a change? 

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Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach


Coaching is a partnership where you will gain clarity for your dreams, goals and desires. You are assisted in your journey to well being with compassion and accountability. People hire coaches when navigating a change in careers, relationships or through a healing process.

Kesha adds her intuitive skills to help you shift unconscious blocks and get to the heart of your high dream faster. Three to six-month programs are available and other options considered. Concerned about the commitment? Your first conversation is FREE! 

Soul Code Coaching

What is it? Quite simply, you get in touch with your innate healing abilities based on your Soul’s intuition. You will be trained to master your journey on the planet from your soul’s guidance. You will learn to live life in the miracle zone that your Soul is calling you to do.

If you feel caught in a cycle unwanted patterns, you will learn how to rediscover your inner magic. What would that look like?

Not only will you receive assistance in clarifying your dream life, you get systematic support every step of the way. Your Soul is calling you to a more satisfied life and it’s up to you to tune in. 

You hold the magic within, your blueprint for happiness. You may know this on the deepest levels but not understand what needs to happen to reach your desires. Soul Code Coaching hooks you up to your unique blueprint; your energy and frequency will shift and your life will improve. 

CONTACT ME today to learn more about YOUR Soul’s evolution. I specialize in long term effective self mastery training. Whether it’s your career that’s shifting, relationship issues or greater health you desire, investing in yourself is one of the best decisions you can do.

Breathwork Coaching

One breathwork session can positively transform your life. It cleanses your energy field, uploads you to a higher frequency while refreshing your mind, body & spirit. 

It’s efficient in dismantling what no longer works to help you rebuild on a firm foundation. Several sessions recommended for optimal results. You will be guided ituitively over the phone/Zoom.

In depth private and premium programs available. Group breathwork is also an option for your holistic or small business retreat. 

CONTACT ME for a confidential, transformative experience. With over 30 years in the healing arts field, you can be assured you’re in highly skilled company to assist your transformation. 


Hypnotherapy is beneficial for a host of everyday challenges including managing anxiety, weight loss, building better habits and improving health.

Even past-life or other unconscious influences can negatively impact current patterns of behavior. Hypnosis can help. 

You enter a relaxed state through a guided process to safely rewire new neural pathways.

Though one session is valueable, building new habits may require a series. If you’re ready to utilize the power of your subconscious, this is power packed work. 

Branding With Archetypes


Wonder how your dream business can make more money? You’ll discover vivid details on how your Archetypes influence your destiny. 

If you’re in business, knowing your brand from your Soul’s perspective will give you added advantage in your marketing. 

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Fast Track & Six Month Programs 

Immersive SOUL CODE training for anyone struggling with income levels, relationship patterns or simply desiring greater health & well being.

Custom Programing With YOU in Mind

Investment Options

Investment Options range from a single targeted session in breathwork or hypnosis to premium programming. With your FREE DISCOVERY session, you’ll learn what’s best for you. You will receive customized ideas with respect for your time, goals, and desires.

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Certified Money Marketing and Soul Coach


These programs offer proven systems that help you unlock patterns you may not be aware of. You will learn the magic that will lead you toward your desired results. 

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Breathwork Training 

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Hypnosis and Reiki Healing

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