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Pathways to Peace…

by Christine Spencer

“Kesha’s NDE (Near Death Experience) as a teenager from a drug overdose is one of the featured stories in Christine Spencer’s book: Pathways To Peace: Understanding ‘Death’ And Embracing Life. It’s published by Balboa Press and available on Amazon.

Check out the book at Amazon.

It was originally printed in on the web (2002) as one of the first NDE stories for the International Association for Near Death Stories. For more information on this topic visit:

Pathways to Peace book cover
Break Through with Breathwork - book cover

Break Through With Breathwork…

by Jim Morningstar, PhD

Another one of Kesha’s soul stories was recently published in October, 2017 by Jim Morningstar, PhD in his latest book: Break Through With Breathwork: Jumpstarting Personal Growth In Counseling And The Healing Arts

In this account (the last personal story in Dr. Morningstar’s therapeutic book), Kesha describes a past life journey resulting in present life healing through forgiveness. The story demonstrates the power of breathwork to access sub-conscious material for healing consciousness.

Check out the book at Amazon.

Promoting Joe Gorman

Promoting New Author, Joe Gorman

An avid student & teacher of A Course In Miracles since the 1970’s, Joe began his studies in the Course with the help of his mentor & friend, Julian Silverman, PhD. Doctor Silverman acted as a consultant for National Investment Services, a company  Joe presided over, during a time of turmoil. Ultimately, these conversations lead to a peaceful resolution, which Joe now teaches in this book.

Loaded with insights and practical ways to apply Course teachings, this book will enrich spiritual seekers everywhere. If you are “Changing Directions… Setting A Course To A Happier Life” offers an inspiring roadmap.

You’ll discover a unique diet within these pages and be introduced to concepts appearing outside the norm of worldly conversations. If this resonates with you, something deeply familiar is waking up in you. We’re here to share in your awakening.


Joe and Kesha formed a partnership in 1997 and married in 2002. They share a deep love for spirituality, and have served as teachers in breath-work, A Course in Miracles and relationship coaching.

They’ve traveled widely (before covid) and now spend time between homes in Sedona and Wisconsin. They continue to nurture their relationship from the soul’s perspective.  If you’re ready for a happier life, desire peace and wonder how that’s possible, pick up your copy & contact us today.


Currently, there are no events planned, but we welcome your call for private mentoring.

Purchase Joe Gorman’s Book on Amazon

NOTE: There are apparently TWO Joe Gormans’ listed on Amazon 

“Changing Directions~Setting A Course To A Happier Life” is this Joe’s only book.


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