“To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you. All the rest must be forgotten.” A Course In Miracles, Ch. 17- Sec. 3

Love this quote! It gives such peace when remembering only loving thoughts. Seems there’s always something to forgive when watching the landscape of the mind. The Course promises that you receive everything you want through forgiveness. No exceptions. What is it you’re desiring? What could be lighter and freer in your life?


This is tax season for us and it’s a pattern I keep trying to forgive. The child of God must laugh at how she waits till the last minute to fulfill the demands of this world; at the same time knowing the peace of God is available. Whenever feelings of frustration, lack, limitation, sadness, anxiety or other uncomfortable emotions swirl, we must forgive. It makes for an easier ride. My goal strives to enjoy peace in the process of whatever I’m choosing to do. 


You may be experiencing something far more devastating in human terms than taxes. It’s an invitation to be kinder to yourself and accept your emotions. Just as there is no order of difficulty in miracles, there is no such thing as a little upset. The Course says, all upsets are equally disturbing to my peace of mind. Condemnation injures while forgiveness heals. It frees us from blame, projection and judgement. 



A Course in Miracles also tells us that only love is real. We often want to trade reality for illusions. This keeps us stuck in hell. Our patterns, misgivings and cycle of attack thoughts can put us on a downward spiral. This literally shows effects in our world and in our bodies- both of which are part of the illusionary dream of separation. There is a better way.

When you forgive the world and the parts you play, you free yourself. You receive everything you want. All beings come closer to the idea of heaven when you practice forgiveness. In Reality, there is nothing to forgive for nothing ever occurs outside of our mind. This esoteric truth acknowledges there is nothing in the world to fear but for our own mind. So fear and unforgiving thoughts go hand in hand. What a practice ground we’ve invented!

When getting stuck in the quagmire of seeming difficulties, how quickly can you become self aware and change your perception? The yogis and ascended masters teach self awareness as even more important than attaining God. In fact, you cannot attain God they say- that concept is too vast to conceptualize. However you can become more aware and self loving. Then the imprint of God comes closer to your awareness. You discover what’s already inside you.



One of the meanings of meditation is “to become familiar with”. Meditation will quiet your mind and assist you in becoming familiar with your inner world. The more you decide to become familiar with your thinking and feeling nature, the closer you come home to mystery of your true Self. By emptying your mind from all past and present grievances, peace becomes inevitable.

Your experience of the vastness beyond space and time can be glimpsed behind the lids of your closed eyes. The quantum field opens to new possibilities; the tabula rasa (blank slate) awaits your impressions. It’s here you join the benevolent source of life and become a co-creator with God. 

When you practice stillness some part of everyday, you are making God your employer; the CEO of your life. It’s so worth remembering for the peace that is here for you. You can receive everything you want when you remember only loving thoughts. This becomes your Soul’s code for living happily ever after. And even tax season can become a process of joyful discovery. 

PS… One of the things I discovered recently while going through taxes- was credit enough for two first class flights in the US!  What joyful discovery awaits you?

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