Saw a hooded figure reflected on the wall.
Wondered, was I dreaming? It could be nothing at all.
But then bolted wide awake when a flash of light came through.
The window blind was open and oh my God, I knew.

Felt my heart go racing high inside my chest.
Alerting me to danger; no longer could I rest.
Someone lurked outside the room, not far from where I sleep
Saw a team of two of them, scoping out our keep.

The light behind the shadow bounced this way and that.
Who was this stranger in the woods who wore a pointy hat?
Think he saw me sit straight up when wondering what to do.
I could shine a light right back, like hey guy I’m onto you!

Then I felt him shrink in fear. He seemed more scared than I.
I melted in compassion, jeez, don’t ask me why.
Prayed right then for his lost soul, that he would come to peace
Felt his thoughts freak out at first, that I might call police.

He said, “let’s get the hell out of here, I’m never coming back.
I hate this feeling almost caught. There’s nothing in the sack.
I don’t like this kind of work. I’m done with all this dread.
There’s got to be another way. I’d be better off instead.”

It was then my prayer was answered in the middle of the night.
This man would find his way again; no need to brace or fight.
It’s funny how the mind of God communicates with us.
Inside the heart, I rest assured, remembering who to trust.

Love transforms the darkest place that hides behind intent
to do some harm to others or shrink inside events.
It’s up to us to seize the time and more quickly comprehend
We’re the One who’s dreaming this and can shift the heart to mend.

So thoughts are known in sacred space, I came to realize.
We are children of the throne and cannot jeopardize
a love that shines forever… No matter how we falter.
We’re safe inside a web of light, an ever extending alter.

Laid back down to breathe the peace that comes when understanding.
Grateful we can choose release. The soul keeps comprehending.
That hooded figure stepped away when shadows turned to light.
I met my match so silently, a savior in the night.


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