Though the sands of time seem to scatter
this is your chance to rejoice together.
A world of wonder awaits your desire
So you may stoke your inner fire.

Never forsake the temptation of fate.
You’re born to thrive- so open the gate.
Flood yourself with all that’s good.
It’s closer than you understood.

Right inside your breathing heart ~
an impulse to share your sacred art.
It’s in connection for all to see ~
What you create ~ a place to be.

Nothing alive expresses so fine
than what is given for you to shine.
You’re the one whom creation gifts
a unique mandala ~ a light that lifts.

Sing your song ~ do your dance.
This precious life ~ your only chance.
You came for this return to love.
Remember the mystery from above.

Just bubbles of energy ~ intelligence and wit.
Why on earth would you ever quit?
Just recall on who you are ~
glowing as bright as any star.

You sparkle plenty when you shine
that inner spark of love divine.
Together you came from heaven to earth
Choosing again what you would rebirth.

So come on home to your revelation.
You’ve never left the soul of creation.
Make this your moment and seduce the sublime.
Celebrate this awesome stardust of time.


Kesha Engel
May 16, 2020

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