A smile washes across my heart when thinking of you. You teach with your bright love.
You give of yourself in a myriad of forms… your warm touch, laughter, and the sparkle in your eyes.

Here unfolding all the layers never needed, I absorb the nectar of what we are together.
Deep in your gaze, I am held and lifted into starlight;
galaxies swirl between us, the atom of our soul, always merging and becoming and moving into the ether of love.

I melt in surrender yet feel steadfast in the ground of being we share.
Nothing could expand the universe more than what we are together.
One tantric dance of life eternal, of discovery upon discovery in the holy instant where naked love remains.

The dream lingers awhile from the memory of light, and as we return,
seeped in appreciation for the miracle of existence, we smile.
While in the body a little while, we delight in shared mystery, extending humanity’s possibility with wonder.

The grace of you, is forever etched in my heart like stardust.

Kesha Engel
February 14, 2017

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