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I’ve worked with Kesha for several seasons now, and her work has completely transformed my life. I’d considered several other well-known business coaches, and within a few sessions I knew that I had made the right choice in working with Kesha.

Her intuitive capacities are remarkable and clearly guide her work– she’s touched areas of my life that I didn’t even know were connected to the transformations that I was seeking.

She repeatedly tailored our one-on-one sessions to address my personal and professional aspirations, meeting me each session with her signature optimistic vitality and her steady support and clear guidance.

If you are seeking someone who understands the connections between the spiritual and material world who you can confide in while nurturing your personal and/or professional aspirations, Kesha would be my top 5-star choice.



I met Kesha when I was about 19. Immediately her calm gentle approach to life pulled me in. I was blessed to be coached by her and the practices and words she said to me still impact my life over 10 years later. Her breath-work changed my life!

This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I was able to move through fear and pain into pure bliss. During one-on-one coaching she gave me tips to bring and reflect on gratitude in my life and I still use these regularly.

I get to live a grand life and Kesha was a coach that helped me find so much joy.

Raschel Biagioli

Wanted to thank you again for showing me the way to the beauty of time and its rewards. I find you bursting with excitement, energy and love; Oh how lucky I am; what a blessing.

Randy K.

WOW. I’m a bit rattled but am carrying on. I’m just grateful and glad. You, we did outstanding. Thank you! Also, the new affirmation could prove to be outstanding too. Thank you for your advice. WOW. Again, thank you for all your help. I had no idea. Peace be with you.
David S.

Beautiful Kesha,

Thank you for your powerful, gracious treatment yesterday. Your ability to be fully present and wide open to receive and give at the same time is a glorious gift for all. Thank you for expanding yourself. Thank you for sharing yourself. Thank you for being exactly who you are. The world is even better with you playing here. My arms are around you.

Dawn Z.

Thank you for all you do with your clearly skilled and intuitive ways Kesha. I very much enjoyed my Coaching Session with you. Great direct hit on bringing forth the inaccurate message I have been subconsciously creating through that has limited my self permission for consistent and bountiful flow. 

I can feel my true possible flowing again. Thank you♥️

Jacque Nelson


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