In times like these when the world spins and you wonder how your dreams fit in,
what’s the part that you would play to live your life full out today?

What are you hiding from?
Can you choose to rise to your heart’s desire and happy surprise?
What if you cast a magic spell and erased a past bound by hell?

Notice what’s present – don’t try to resist- Spirit lights your way yet doesn’t insist.
A quiet message- a nudge in your heart, a desire born- you’re lead to start.

Never forsake the gift of your smile- it only takes a little while
And you can discover the hidden treasure -what gives your world a brighter pleasure.

What else is this dream life for than to help make happy and ease the war?
Inside your mind is all you need- to forgive all errors and plant a seed.

A dawn is birthing with safety and peace where sisters and brothers are choosing release.
Shackles that bind and laws that don’t serve dissolve into dust when you round that curve.

A road awaits for you to discover- you’re born to thrive and help one another…
Stop hiding your gifts and share your story- the world will shift with newfound glory.

Each step forward unwinds the chains that hooked you in patterns that need not remain.
It’s freedom you seek in the depth of your soul, and when you jump in, you’ll reach that goal.

With love as your anchor, you expand into space- bring hope & joy to the human race.

Kesha Engel
January 8, 2022

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