“It is not true that you can make decisions by yourself or for yourself alone. No thought of a Child of God (that’s You) can be separate or isolated in its effects. Every decision is made for the whole of us… and influencing a constellation larger than anything you ever dreamed of.”        A Course In Miracles, Ch. 14, Sec. 3.9

When making decisions, do you ever consider the ripple effect? Right now you may be meditating on these words, yet there are many other things you could be doing. Life continues to call you with a myriad of choices, opportunities, distractions and responsibilities. And here you are, deciding to pause and reflect upon words that can positively effect you. 

It may be comforting to know you cannot make decisions alone. Or it might be unnerving to grasp that whatever you decide upon affects the entire world. The Course lets us know that thoughts cannot be isolated in their effects. Other great teachings put it another way. Thoughts join other thoughts and with enough momentum, more of us begin to believe these thoughts, whether uplifting or not.  

We might be believing in a pattern of misinformation (unknowingly?) or decide something is true because there is ‘evidence’ that proves it. All thoughts are either creative, that means joined with Source, or they are made up, illusionary experiences filled with fear and attack. If thoughts engender fear, they are equally unreal. 


How your thoughts and beliefs make you feel are worth exploring. If you feel more peace in a decision, then it would be wise to move in that direction. If a decision causes greater anxiety or is made out of guilt, shame or any negative emotion, you can be sure it is not of God. In other words, it is not loving or real. A Course in Miracles promises, only love is real.

Let’s remember, even indecision is a decision. These are lessons to keep turning over. Avoidance or procrastination might place an uncomfortable spin on things that need doing in the 3D world. You know you need to get something done yet it brings up negative emotions. You roll your eyes when considering the action. You’re triggered. We’ve all been through this to some degree. When it happens, how do you deal? How quickly can you laugh, love and forgive? 

I heard a popular coach once say, “every fear is a fear of feeling.” We avoid things that we hate to feel. What if you could reframe your experiences, or simply move forward with a new choice, from another vantage point? What if you could chunk it down, do whatever needs doing in smaller steps and talk to yourself more kindly, as you might do for a small child who’s taking her first steps? In this way, you’re building better habits and learning to expand your comfort zone. 


At the last retreat we did with Dr. Joe Dispenza, he lead us in meditation before sleep. We were in our hotel rooms and invited to tune into a TV channel as we drifted off. Collectively, yet snug in bed, he spoke to us like a gentle father might speak to his child, “You’re doing just fine. You learned something new today. You’re making it part of your new self. Let your sleep be restorative and integrating. Tomorrow is a new day, you’ll get a chance to practice again…”

These are not exact quotes, but you get the idea. Notice when you don’t react the way you used to. Be kinder to youself. Review how you’re acting and feeling with honest self inventory. That doesn’t mean beating yourself up. If you’ve made a mistake, make a correction. When you’ve done well, tally those ideas up as you review your day. Concentrate more on the good, the loving and the true.

You could start your day by connecting with your inner being, notice how your breathing, tune in. Find something to appreciate. Then end your day the same way, reminding yourself: you are infinitely loved and wholly innocent. Let yourself off the hook! Let others off the hook too. See their innocence as well. In these ways, you’re firing and wiring new brain circuitry and taking steps to self mastery. (Self mastery training intensives are available with Michael Mirdad.)

We’re all evolving together and your decisions to see this matter. When you heal, you add to the healing of the world. So thank you for that; for being willing to take a few moments and as Gurumayi says, “smile on your destiny.” Worlds upon worlds benefit with your decision to practice loving kindness. When making decisions, life is supposed to be easy, more peaceful, joyous. Imagine that ripple effect. 



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