Listen to the whisper that rides in your heart,
you’re born of the mystery, a good place to start.
You need not fear that you don’t have a voice,
for being and becoming is always your choice.

You’re more free than you dream yourself to be,
so welcome in chances to expand what you see.
Pay attention to now and step up your dance,
you never know when you’ll get your next chance.

Forgiveness is key in the depths of your mind,
you’re welcome to practice whenever you find,
a place in your system where you chose to forget
that you’re linked with creation, your choices are it!

There is nothing more needed in this cosmic debate
but your love is revealed when you live to create.
And so rest if you must to gather some steam,
Be nourished whenever you dive into dreams.

In your sub-conscious terrain, where you stimulate mind
and the love you receive heals whatever it finds,
Surrender to this and trust what is true,
then act with abandon, be deliciously you.

Kesha Engel
April 1, 2017

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