“Reality is safe and sure, and wholly kind to everyone and everything. There is no greater love than to accept this and be glad. For love asks only the you be happy, and will give you everything that makes for happiness.”  A Course In Miracles, Ch. 16, Sec. 2.8

Years ago, I met the Cherokee elder Dhyani Ywhoo who shared, “It’s your duty to be happy.” Like all of us, this great teacher has experienced pain, heartache and upset. In her book, Voices of the Ancestors, she explains tough lessons in childhood, when things weren’t going her way. She felt justified in her complaints and tried to make others miserable in the process. Her grandmother stepped in, demonstrating the necessity to be happy.
Do you know of anyone harboring grievances or acting out if things don’t line up as desired? If we’re honest, we likely go through these contrasting moments daily. As a result, we might blame, project our upset or attack others. Life doesn’t always yield the results we hoped or planned for. Yet when we don’t get a handle on our own barometer for happiness… life can lead to a downward spiral of discontent, unrest and chaos.

We’ve all heard happiness is an inside job. This glad news coincides with the essence of what A Course in Miracles teaches. With time (a construct of the human ego) we learn how to know ourselves better. There’s no higher calling. It follows that when we accept the reality of a loving universe, happiness becomes natural.

It might seem as an oxymoron because we don’t often accept “duty” as being synonymous with happiness. Duty might conjure images of hard work. But your duty to be happy simply means getting out of your own way and allowing your natural state to rise up. This can be accomplished when we discipline our minds to see the good, surrender all else and trust in love. 

When aligning with the reality of love, there’s no such thing as fleeting happiness. Beyond all space and time, beyond the body and the stars that swirl through space, rests the eternal bliss of perennial happiness. Peace wraps itself into the blueprint of our mind, where it can be accessed through our heart. This cosmic dance between the worlds becomes our chosen birthright. In truth, there’s no birth or death and nothing that isn’t real exists. Anytime we choose to remember love, we come closer to reality. Safe, whole and holy alive.



When looking about the world, we may notice thoughts of reactivity, condemnation, injustice or outrage. We may feel disbelief at what appears on our screens or on the scene of consciousness. Dramas, threats, ideas of taking on the moral high ground or righteousness might be how we react to recent events, or perhaps a feeling of fear, regret or apathy results. What if you were to accept only that your happiness matters? Do you care enough about your own well being to disengage from appearances and dive into the truth of who you are?

If things don’t seem to be going well for you, are you willing to unplug, disengage that train wreck frame of mind and find a way to your peace of mind? How quickly can you shift? How fast do you laugh and wiggle your way into forgiveness? Closer than your heartbeat, in the blink of a breath, you are free. You are made up of the same ether of stardust that loves you into existence. Your choosing love, changes the world.

If you had any idea of how beloved you are as the One Child of God, you would no longer doubt your significance here or your ability to raise your awareness to light, levity and happiness. This is how ‘ascension’ happens. You simply feel lighter and in so doing, you lighten the way for others. When you focus on your duty to be happy, you become a light bearer and magnet for miracles.


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